Is your femal health letting you down?

A gynaecological procedure is something that many women undergo.  And many women seem to cope just fine, but there are more women than you realise out there who are left feeling lost, grieving, humiliated, disempowered, feeling a loss of who they really are at a deep level that they can't quite put their finger on.

These brave women are just not themselves and wish for the day that their natural vitality and their old self comes back.

Even years later, these women are hoping and praying for their old self to return. Some take a long time to heal physically, others mentally or emotionally.  Their families and loved ones even say that 'she was 'never the same' after that operation'.

Feel free to read my blog here.  It has been published as a commentary in a ECronicon, an open access  Gynaecological publication.

If you are a woman who has experienced a sense of loss, confusion or something else as the result of a gynaecological procedure, coaching helps you to rejoin the dots, find your energy and vitality and your old self.


You have seemingly unrelated issues going on and you have been told that it is 'normal'. But being 'normal' is horrible.  

You feel sick, let down, in pain, disappointed, frustrated and you don't get any answers from those who you go to. 


You need to hide your pain, your symptoms, you struggle at school or work but the energy it takes to get through the day is immense. You are really good at faking being well.


It is not fair that being a woman gives you this pain. 

Courtesy Lily Williams

You have been advised to do this or do that, surgical options, medicine, yet you are still not getting the answers you need and you are tired of chasing them. You worry about the future too.

It is so unfair.  And it hurts.

You are not alone. 1 in 10 women. 200 million women are with you. And so am I.

How about we look and speak to your body. How about we treat your pelvis and your gut (and the other parts of you) as entities that gently need to be heard. How about we find out why they feel the need to cause this pain. And then find out what it is that they need to feel healed and connected with the rest of you.

To find your mojo again, that vitality that, as a woman, able to live your life fully.

Many women have a harrowing time during what is 'supposed' to be a beautiful time, during birth. 


Some are left angry that the experience was not as they expected, unheard, no voice, feel disempowered maybe dignity lost due to that process or the involvement of others. 


Many women are left scarred in some way, more than physically.  

It is not only Caesarian procedures that impact the woman, but a natural birth can affect the mother in ways that are unique to her.

Having that little baby under your care while you are feeling so 'traumatised' makes your own recovery tough. Even coming to grips with the new identity of being a mother, combined with the usual stress of the 21st Century and maybe even a partner who is experiencing his own struggles makes for an incredibly tough start to the changed family dynamic.After time, the trauma of that experience shows up in other ways, during your life.

The mental and emotional impact of that time does not need to follow you around like a shadow for the rest of your life, where you avoid triggers like doors to hospitals, white coats or even further intimacy or pregnancies.

Coaching through this experience can make all the difference to your life going forward.

Would you like to finally recover and feel normal? 

After surgery we expect to be able to recover and get back to our usual lives and 'selves' quickly.

But there are many times where a surgery or procedure  has physically recovered but has left mental or emotional scars on the patient and things just don't seem right or the same.

Physical pain heals over time but psychological pain might not.

  • To be free of those effects of your experience. 

  • To find yourself again.

  • To find your old vitality again.

  • To feel normal again.

  • To stop feeling stuck.

  • To stop avoiding triggers or experiencing emotional ambush.

  • To feel like you can move forward in your life again.

  • If you want to thrive rather than survive.

Three years after the birth of my daughter, I finally feel a lot of peace, acceptance, inner freedom and clarity. I haven't felt this strong feeling of "being home" in a very long time, if ever. GJ

Paula is patient, calm, and in the right moments, really quite funny. She was clear and succinct and made me feel super comfortable and safe. LD.

The fear of losing my mind was huge. Wow - I left feeling like a weight was lifted. It feels amazing! I am so relieved and enormously grateful for this gift. PR.

I was able to use Paula’s steps to reduce my pain and even felt that I was healing the wounds from the inside. I have so much more control and comfort. LK.

Your Women's Health and Surgery Coach

In my experience as a pharmacist I saw many, many women suffering with their women's health. They were trying all that was available to them but suffering monthly or even ongoing, meaning that they struggled at work or college. Then I saw women who never quite felt recovered after their hysterectomy.


There had to be a better way.

I understand the effects that some people experience after surgery or birth, as well as the extended time for healing that some women take, never quite finding their old selves. 

Maybe a fear or phobia is troubling you, or things may be causing anxiety or overwhelm, fear or foreboding which all contribute to stress and hinders healing and recovery.

With my extensive experience coaching in the medical setting, I help you achieve a state of calm with emotional and mental clarity and for some a deep shift of identity so that you are able to finally recover.


I treat your whole body with respect with a deep understanding of the mindbody connection. Your body may not have had the opportunity to say what it actually needs in order to manage symptoms in a more healing way. 

Let's see what a difference we can make.

Be yourself again


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