She lived in Columbia and for months had suffered from irretractable infections of her female 'parts'. 

Creams, antibiotics, antifungals or steroids didn't help. She saw many doctors and specialists and was starting to feel down, as these were creating an embarrassing situation for a single girl, wanting to date men.

We worked for three hours, over Zoom - her in Columbia, me in Ireland.

Over this time we coached her whole body, finding out what it needed us to know. The information coming back to her was not always logical however we went with the process. It sometimes felt deeply emotional for her. 


After 2 1/2 hours she said 'Oh! There is a fizzing feeling down there. They are leaving'.  

Making sure we finished the session we continued for another 30 minutes and the infections simply disappeared. 

Three months later she asked for another session as they had come back.  This time more emotion presented itself and although not always 'logical' we worked with it.  Until she felt that familiar fizzing that she said felt like 'We are done now', and the infections left.

No creams, no medications, just recognising that her body had something to tell her and needed to be heard.


She was a real go getter and in business she was thriving.

But when she was preparing to speak to large groups, she would be hit by a mysterious virus and laid so low with throat issues and energy sapping illness that she would be put on antibiotics, pain relief and steroids in order to get her through her event.

She came to me to work 1:1. She was actually feeling a bit tickly in the throat that day. In a 90 minute session she was surprised as to why she was told about getting so sick, just in time for these large group events. It didn't make logical sense, but it made perfect sense at the same time. We both felt that we had uncovered the source of her emotional pain - that her throat, by getting her so sick she couldn't speak, was protecting her from.


Three days later, she was actually very sick. She had done some journalling and realised that it was time to forgive somebody from her past.  She was ready for that. Over Zoom, we did a beautiful and very gentle forgiveness process and 90 minutes later we were finished. She went to bed for the afternoon and awoke well.

She has gone on to speak to large groups since and has had not problem with her throat, mysterious viruses or her energy.


This woman had had her baby 4 years before she came to me.

She was clearly distressed by the events that happened during the birth of her lovely daughter and had felt that she was supposed to just get on with her life, however telling me about what had happened during the birth had clearly left her stuck in a 'loop' of memory and emotion - a clear traumatic response.

In our session I taught her the breathing technique to allow her body and mind to settle (without going into too much relaxation) and then we used a process to find how maybe a previous life experience had left her with the same bodily feeling which showed up now, as she remembered the birthing experience. This actually brought her back to a time when she was very small. And, she was surprised to realise that she could access the memory. By 'rewinding' that experience and the working on the labour and child birth experience she felt free.

No longer did she feel fearful - she had only realised that she was fearful after the session. She said that she felt 'home' again - both in her body and in her neighbourhood. She felt more playful, and used the breathing technique to enhance her day to day life. Which of course, helped her daughter as well.

New Zealand

She had pretty much gone through the menopause yet felt so foggy headed. She was worried that 'she was losing her marbles' and was also conflicted in a decision to make regarding work and as she supported herself this was causing her further anguish and loss of sleep.

The first time I showed her the breathing exercise, she said that it was such a relief to give her head brain a rest and that it was the first time she had been out of her mind, properly, in many many years.

I took her through the process and it was like her mind and her body got to know each other again. 

She left the session and went straight to the beach, feeling clear headed, connected, energised and aligned again. She was so relieved and not long after made a firm decision regarding her job and her family.


She had a sudden operation due, to remove her womb and ovaries. 

At the physical level it was clear that those organs had to go, but emotionally she felt side swiped and not ready and she was breaking down, upset with disorganised thinking, unable to plan.

We worked over Zoom on the shock of the news and then, after the breathing exercise, did the process that gave her body the opportunity to share the wisdom that it needed to. It seemed illogical to her at first that we 'coached' her female organs but that eventually became obviously the right thing to do as she felt able to say goodbye to them and accept their impending removal. The role of those organs in vitality and mojo was 'delegated' to her body as a whole and her body also accepted that they would be gone. (It was like a family member leaving home!). 

Then I coached her through the operation, coaching the veins and arteries to supply blood in a limited way to that area, and return to usual flow in just the right way after the operation. For the immune system to step up in just the right amount to save her from hospital acquired infection, to heal in just the right way (rather than over do it with adhesions or lumpy scars). For her gut to be hungry afterwards and the bowel to evacuate easily and effortlessly.

She also had a couple of sentences that she was going to ask the anaesthetist to speak to her when she was in the anaesthetic induced hypnotic state, and had picked a playlist so that she could relax during the operation to that, rather than hear the chatter in the operating room. 

She was well prepared. She practised the breathing technique three times a day and on the way into the operating theatre. 

She healed well and started gentle running after 8 weeks. She felt 'whole' and happy.

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