As a pharmacist, I saw that my customers often did not feel empowered about their medical care.  They were missing three important pieces of the puzzle: the right information, an understanding of how medical systems work and emotional support.


After further study in neuroscience and behavioural sciences, I now help people gain greater control over their emotional and cognitive states and apply this knowledge to helping them with their pelvic and gyanecological health so they can achieve greater mental and emotional calm and clarity, armed with techniques to equip them with better health and faster recovery. 

I am the 'bridge' between the medical world and the world of healing and recovery. 

After a 30-year career as a pharmacist, I realised that while I was helping people maintain their health, it was only a small part of their overall wellness…

Having moved to Dublin, Ireland, in 2016 I have moved to coaching full time and believe that the observation of the 'same but different' cultures has given me an even more broad insight into the makeup of people and love to assist my clients in the field of personal growth and transformation.

I use leading edge coaching, utilising the very latest knowledge of neuroscience. I am also the first mBIT coach in Ireland and one of only two Master mBIT coaches in this country.

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I have a specialisation in helping women with gynaecological procedures and birth trauma issues. Preparation for procedures is great, but there are many women who need assistance after the fact, and numerous women who have been left in the zone of trauma. Women who don't need to suffer, women who have tried all of the usual answers, but left wanting still. I help them because I want them to be strong in their 'selves' and in their role of mother, partner, employee and other roles that women fulfil.

Regarding endometriosis, there is so much that has been discovered and realised and women are deserving and demanding better treatment. This has developed into a particular interest of mine - one that 200,000,000 women suffer from that holds them back from being who they really are, from living a life of their own freely. 

I absolutely believe

that the possible transformations are real, having experienced profound changes myself.

I coach individuals from health challenges to coping with stress, to feeling ‘off’, from decision making to depression. But my super power is helping women in matters of their feminine health. Endometriosis, hysterectomy (before or after) and birth trauma.


Addressing issues from sleep problems or the feeling that you have no voice, to resentment. No problem is out of bounds, and through my experience in the medical world and the coaching  world, I have probably heard it all!

'I provide a comfortable, confidential and non-judgemental space for my clients. Within that safe space, I  help them to strive for positive personal change and self-development'.

I am a coach to coaches over the world and am able to connect via the internet or face to face in Dublin.

  • mBIT Master Coach (Europe)

  • Health Certification NLP

  • Dip Pharm (NZ)

  • Transforming Communication Trainer

  • Diploma Life Coaching (NZ)

  • Master NLP Practitioner 

  • Shinnick Depression Practitioner 

  • Anxiety Technique (NZ)

My Qualifications

  • Bokwa Instructor Level 1

  • Mother of two adults

  • Avid skier

  • Loves being on the stage

  • Loves dancing

  • Knitter of hats

  • Loves dogs

  • Loves walking in nature

  • Leading learner

  • Thought leader

Fun Facts about Me…


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