The Biggest Thing You Can Do For Your Life - Since You Were Born!

How would it be to really enjoy and love your life?  I mean REALLY enjoy and love your life?

To DEEPLY love your life?  

Is your life as exciting and vibrant as it could be?  Can you imagine something better?

To laugh more.  To appreciate more.  To feel more of those good feelings.

You have found the way to do it!  Welcome!

What Is This Cool Sounding Program

I invite you to embark with me, on a journey of reflection and thought along with the sharing of

useful techniques to bring your unique human spirit alive.  We use active strategies to bring

more wonder and excitement and love to the way you do your life.

This simple yet profound program is based on scientific support of the ancient wisdoms, and provides

powerful and downright profound insights into your purpose and meaning enabling you to make the 

most of your time you have in this life.

As the program unfolds you will notice that the insights are generative and be constantly surprised at 

how differently you view your actions, adjusting them to the actions of a remarkably more open heart and mind.

It is a concept that baffles many - to love yourself and this journey shows you how to do

just that.  As a taster - what if I suggested that love wasn't something that you HAVE!  Love is not a noun.  

You don't 'get' more, or 'have' more.  Love is a verb.  It is something that you DO!  It is a process, a 'doing' 

word.  And therefore you can be in the powerful position of doing love. To deeply understand this concept

is a powerful and liberating idea.  And as it is a skill, you can learn to do it even better!

You will learn to have the freedom in authoring the rest of your life, coming from the warm space of self 

love.  Believe me, it is a wonderful place to be in!  To have yourself as your loving support.  A crazy concept for some!

Like I said, the science supports the generative wisdom you can find within yourself, looking to mBIT,

Positive Psychology and NLP.

Play with the explorations, bite off a concept and digest the new thinking and learning, to generate a more

evolved human spirit and enjoy your emerging human spirit.   Some like to really dwell on some of the explorations,

while others like to go through at a faster pace.  Each exploration is explored literally and metaphorically -

              When I loved myself more wondrously....I allowed myself to relax and let go the need to be right all of the time.


From finding how to be gutsy enough to live your dreams, to forgiving yourself and others, to letting go that need for perfection and choosing how you feel about your emotions - and how to pick them!

Learn what future-pacing your day, your week, your year could be like! 

Understand how to transcend jealousy.

Find what true self-confidence means.

I will support you in taking action on the discovery of self and learning to live your life in more amazing ways.

It's a journey of play and discovery with the explorations.  Our heads get to learn it, but our bodies get to be involved

as well as the learnings are incorporated into every day life.

You will understand how to Celebrate Self, Flourish Within and Without, understand your Blind Spots and more, on the 

way to loving your life more wondrously.

How Do I Join And What Do I Receive?

I will give you:

A copy of Loving Your Life in print form and digital form.            Also mBraining - a how to book that shines               Avoiding The Enemies To Happiness

(You may like to give one away).  This is a guide and a tool         a light on how our whole body is involved in             A how to book to enable us when we

to help you focus on the key aspects of loving your self              intuition and then generates wiser decisions            choose to change our beliefs and

and your life more fully.                                                                     and living.                                                                         habits.

And for further support while you explore and learn:

  • A 90 minute coaching session one to one with me for anything you have now or that may come up

  • 24/7 access to the learning materials 

  • Re-watch the webinars at your leisure

  • Questions to generatively explore your life more fully

  • Mind maps to get a bird's eye view of the explorations

  • Supported learning through virtual social learning groups

  • Progress tracking

  • Further reading to support and deepen your understanding (great for those of us requiring scientific backup).

There is also the option of further coaching on a one to one basis with me regarding anything that may come up during the journey of


Your investment in the redesign of your life is €700.

Remember this includes 3 books, a 90 minute coaching session and a series of 12 webinars, as well as all of that supporting literature.  You will

be able to track how you are using the learnings to enhance and enjoy your life.  

What I need from you is a commitment to dig deep into how you would love your life to be.  To take a close look at how you do your life, your 'adulting'

and the flexibility to change the trajectory of it to one that is so much more fulfilling.

And If I Do This Course....

Oh wow, the changes you will feel and notice are sometimes obvious and other times more of a quiet realisation.  

Find out how to love your own life - make the life you have been gifted as exciting as it can be.  Celebrate the you that you are.

So if you are ready to be the change you wish to see, to make changes to the way you turn up in your every day, get cracking!  Call me or 

email me.

“If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend   a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want.”
                                                                                    Kevin Ngo

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