• Paula Ralph

A Self Audit For Health

Taking a test to see if you are at risk for serious illness is a good idea and there are lots of people wanting to do that.

But then what?

I suggest a 'self audit'.

Taking a microscope and looking at your health attitude and behaviour to uncover anything lurking and operating under the radar, that do anything but promote a healthy future.

It is those beliefs that can trip us up. Those beliefs that we have taken on as a child as we watch our parents in their own health journey.

You know the ones - 'Dad had a heart attack at 42 so I'm lucky to have gotten to 43' type of beliefs. 'Mum had depression when she went through menopause so that must be what happens'.

Like that savings account that you started 20 years ago, bearing fruit now, a self health audit now will be helping you later when you need it most.

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