“Feeling calm and prepared before surgery will vastly improve your surgical outcome.”

Like many important life events, surgery is an experience we can improve with active preparation.


You would expect an athlete to train for a sports event or a student to study for an exam, right?


Likewise, you can make your surgical experience more comfortable, safe and successful with surgery coaching.

  • Learn what to expect from the process so you feel confident and in control

  • Gain trust in your body and your surgical team so you feel calm and safe

  • Let go the fear and resistance you may be feeling about the procedure

  • Master proven strategies for dealing with anxiety and worries

“Pre-surgical preparation will help allay patient apprehension and promote a favourable surgical outcome.”

Multiple scientific studies have confirmed that relatively simple behavioural changes before surgery can improve postoperative outcomes including*:

  • Less blood loss during surgery

  • Fewer surgical complications Lower risks of infection Shorter hospital stays

  • Reduced need for pain medication


Surgery coaching improves the outcome of your procedure by empowering you to go into the experience with more confidence and a relaxed mind and body.


When you reduce your health risks before and during the surgery, you can save on out of pocket costs spent on complications and a slow recovery afterwards.

* Dreher H, Mind-Body Interventions for Surgery: Evidence and Exigency, Advances In Mind-Body Medicine 14, 207-222, 1998

If you feel anxious or worried about your surgery, coaching is for you.

  • Shorter hospital stays

  • Lower anxiety and stress

  • Greater comfort, less pain and need for medication

  • Faster incision healing

  • Lower incidence of hospital infection

  • Feel better faster – a better overall result

  • Less ongoing expenses to your pocket

  • The feeling that you have a plan 

  • Confidence and clarity

  • Calm

Many of us lead busy lives and need or want to return to our work and family as soon as possible. If you are well prepared for it, the opportunities for rapid recovery are greatly enhanced.


Because surgical procedures can affect our lives in many ways, healing is more than simply a physical process. In fact, faster physical healing is supported when your emotional and psychological needs are met.


Surgical coaching can help you recover faster by giving you the tools you need to:

  • Faster than expected healing and recovery

  • Find the steps or strategies you need to get you through with confidence

  • Emotionally process the event itself with post-surgical coaching

  • Deal with a sense of loss or change of identity, which can happen unexpectedly

  • Identify new limitations and find the assistance you need

Scientists investigating why wounds heal more slowly on patients who are stressed have found that psychological stress can increase the levels of some hormones in the blood. These hormones can slow the delivery of certain compounds – cytokines – to the site of the injury to start the healing process. But if the process is slowed at the beginning, the wound will take much longer to heal, posing potentially serious consequences to patients recovering from surgery. “There is a lot in the medical literature suggesting, if possible, that a patient should not be under stress before surgery,” explained Jan Kiecolt-Glaser, professor of psychiatry and psychology at Ohio State University. “Stress, depression and anxiety prior to surgery have all been associated with poor surgical recovery.”[i]  


Researchers Learn How Stress Slows Wound Healing, ScienceDaily, July 28, 1999

Along the way find processes that help you heal and that you will be able to use ongoing in other places in your life.

Discover techniques that you can apply to other situations as you transform your life.

Your pre-surgery coach

I coach clients to a place of control in how they approach and journey through an operation.


Attaching experience as a pharmacist and further coaching skills, I coach my clients to a place of control in how they approach and journey through an operation.


With my extensive experience coaching in the medical arena, I help you achieve a state of calm with emotional and mental clarity so that you are ready for a smooth operation and rapid recovery.


Maybe a fear or phobia is troubling you, maybe lack of time available to take to recover, or anything that may be causing anxiety or overwhelm, fear or foreboding which all contribute to stress and hinders healing and recovery.


My goal is to help you feel empowered and ready for your surgical experience to become an active member of your healing team!

Paula is patient, calm, and in the right moments, really quite funny. She was clear and succinct and made me feel super comfortable and safe. LD.

The fear of losing my mind was huge. Wow - I left feeling like a weight was lifted. It feels amazing!  I am so relieved and enormously grateful for this gift. PR.

I was able to use Paula’s steps to reduce my pain and even felt that I was healing the wounds from the inside. I have so much more control and comfort. LK.

The attitude of the patient is as important as the skill of the surgeon.


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