I hurt my shoulder surfing. It required strapping, was painful, lacked strength and not useful as I am a yoga teacher. On the morning of our session I couldn’t put any weight on that arm/shoulder to support myself in even a half-plank.
I am not sure what happened during the session but afterwards I had no more pain and was able to hold a half-plank without any pain. The injury has been ‘released’.

Aideen, Dublin

I sought help from Paula almost two years ago now, but our sessions are still fresh in my mind.

The techniques she used with me are incredibly precious and I still to this day use them.

I not only learned the importance of getting clear on what my mind was saying, but also learned how to listen to my heart and gut separately. At first all I could hear was a gentle whisper, but Paula remained patient and encouraging throughout the process.

Understanding that, as humans, our internal work is never done - I was shown how to self regulate and check in to find emotional balance through Paula’s approach. She provided me with invaluable tools for self discovery and healing and I could not be more thankful.

Even though we were across the world from each other Paula was still able to provide space for me to feel safe, vulnerable, and supported with her unwavering compassion and understanding. I could not recommend Paula’s guidance and services more.

For all of this and more, thank you Paula from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done and continue to do.

Steph, Canada

DR, Perth, Australia

I had an allergic reaction to some heavy duty cream I was using and the reaction was long lasting. I had redness, a rash and was sore and swollen, I could barely open my eyes. To battle this, the doctor gave me 8 antibiotics per day. Antibiotics are something that I would prefer not to have to take, however it was so bad I was left with little choice.

A month after getting better, the condition reoccurred, worse. At this time I had a coaching session with Paula and it was amazing. She was able to help me get to the bottom of the issue and a huge clue was in the language I used – that I just couldn’t face a situation in my life! After taking me through … the condition rapidly improved.  I felt it immediately.

Pamela R, Tauranga, New Zealand

The fear of losing my mind was huge. I would have tried anything.  Wow - I left feeling like a weight was lifted and I headed straight for the beach - somewhere I hadn't been for months being so bogged down and zero energy for anything other than home.  My brain fog has gone!  Memory still a bit dodgy but definitely improving.  I have more energy.  Am sleeping better, feel more motivated - optimistic and positive.  My focus is huge - can now concentrate on the moment instead of my mind feeling crowded and jumbled.  (No more conversations/debates in my mind and more decisive).  I have more patience and tolerance to stressful situations.  I am accepting of myself, my faults and all and have a new found confidence.  It feels amazing!!!!!!  I am so relieved and enormously grateful for this gift.

Laura D, Columbia

Paula Ralph is a wonderful therapist. She is patient, calm and in the right moments really quite funny.  She explained clearly and succinctly how the session would function (we worked via Skype) and made me feel super comfortable and safe. Although the actual breathing exercise that you do does not sound very exciting, it is very effective. I have spent many years working with my body trying to release old trauma, so I was fairly familiar with Paula's techniques, but the safe space she created allowed my body an incredibly effective healing session. I have had many health problems due to the stress left by my childhood trauma, one of the most annoying was recurring yeast infections and terrible discharge. Through the breathing exercise and safe space provided by Paula I was able to breathe into the areas of my body still charged with stress and with her support and guidance slowly release it. As one area released, it led to yet another area full of tension and then another until my body came to know what it felt like to be fully relaxed and at peace. I can’t recommend her work enough.

Sheena Black, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Paula coached me through an issue I presented. It was a refreshingly insightful process for me.  Paula, your warmth, ease & humour will make your clients feel relaxed, encourage openness & build trust, as I experienced.  Thank you again for your patient listening, creative directing of the process & skilful pacing.  It was a powerful session. I am letting it all sink in and am excited to see what will happen. Change. Transform!

CC, New Zealand

I saw Paula to get my depression under control.  I know life has it's down moments but I now respond way better.  The session with her was really easy and I didn't have to go into my awful story - but somehow the feelings I had about it went away too.  I gave up pot, which really surprised me too!

KE, New Zealand

I had seen many doctors and specialists during my hospital stays when I was really unwell.  Since seeing Paula I can honestly see the sun shining again.  I am stoked that I have such a simple way to be the boss of me now - no more victim.  I am so surprised - I now have a job and sleep at night too.  Thank you Paula.  You saved my life.

Stella L , Sevenoaks, England

Paula is an exceptional coach.  From the very start of the session I felt held in a very safe space and was quickly taken on a journey within.  Gently, with sensitivity, compassion and insight I was guided through a transformational experience.  After the session I felt centred within myself and a deep sense of inner calm. mBraining is such a truly deep and powerful coaching modality that literally lights you up.  With Paula’s compassionate, expertise it is a truly empowering experience.

Amber Wilcox, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Paula my awareness on food has COMPLETELY changed.  My first thought is to feel into my gut and see how she is feeling.  It's becoming how I function - so less of the robot working and more of the gut guiding. This is the impressive part!!!  It might sound simple , especially to someone who doesn't understand robotic eating, but it is a COMPLETE BREAKTHROUGH.  Plus it's like the reduced eating has not only allows the physical lightness feeling in my body but has allowed more clarity in my space.  Which has given me some really clear insights on my current blocks!!  I can't speak highly enough of the work Paula does.  It's subtle yet oh so powerful.  You just have to bring the openness and willingness to choose your change!!

Vibrancy and Health



I AM a speaker, so my voice is incredibly important. I AM always well.

But in the build up to every single workshop I have ever done, I would find myself floored with a throat infection and in the doctors surgery. I would be taking herbal remedies, tablets, multi-vitamins, inhalers, steroids and antibiotics.

When I announced my October event last year a friend said 'You will get sick now'. Even the people around me had started to see the pattern occurring. Right on cue I could feel the tightness in my throat beginning and I knew I would be sick … again.

I knew my problem wasn’t diet, exercise, sleep or even infection this time. It was a very deep seated unresolved emotional issue that needed to be looked at.

I had seen Paula speak a few times and attended some events and was impressed with her fountain of knowledge. I am good at my job but I needed her specialist help. I knew there was a piece of my puzzle I couldn't fit in on my own.

After two sessions we ‘cracked the code’ and I was well. It was deep but we got there! Thank you for your help Paula!

I go into my events fully well now in all respects. My voice is strong and clear and I am able to lead my organisational team more effectively. Even post workshop my voice is equally as strong. The positive health effect was immediate. I will be forever grateful to you.

Nicola Connolly-Byrne, Ireland

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